Who Unlocks Phones More?
We were very surprised!

Women or Men?
Australians or Americans?
Who can't stop checking their phone?
The results completely
flipped our thoughts on phone usage
You might be surprised to learn that there are big differences in the amount of times people from around the world check their phones each day. As Australians where do you think we rank? High, Low?

Let's give some perspective, Russians check their phone on average 22 times per day, regardless of gender, Indians the same. Surprisingly the ever efficient German man checks their phone 25 times per day, and the women 32 times.

Brazilian's are heavy phone users, and men there unlock their phone 39 times a day, 8 times more than their female counterparts.

Americans… they love their 'cell phones' so they must be at the top? Female Americans average 43 phone unlocks a day, more than the men at 37 times.

So who tops the female charts? Well surprisingly it is those from the UK with 44 daily unlocks, with Australian women slightly behind at 42 times per day.
But Australian men take the cake with an average of 46 phone unlocks per day, just ahead of the British at 44.

So what does all this mean? Let's assume that we have about 12 hours of 'active' time on our phone each day, that means you are checking your phone every 15 minutes, and that is just an average user!

How addicted are you to your phone?