AntiSocial is a clever reporting app that allows you to take control and compare your smartphone usage.
Your journey with AntiSocial begins with a two-week challenge where the app will operate efficiently in the background of your smart phone. Your usage patterns are then compared in a comprehensive free report.

Download AntiSocial now and take the two-week challenge.
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"Cigarettes are out, Social Media is in. It's the drug of the twenty first century. (At Least people who smoke stand outside together)"

- Simon Sinek
AntiSocial's ability to report your smartphone usage clearly and simply gives the power of knowledge to the user.
How many times you unlock your smart phone each day.
Minutes on Social Media
Total number of minutes spent on social media per day.
Favorite Apps
See your most time consuming and accessed apps.
Your Score
Your score is an algorithm that compares usage amount, open rates and other data to compare you to your peers.
Chart unlocks, time usage and app opens from daily to 30 days.
Block apps to reduce your usage.
Do you know what 'normal' phone use is? And do you know where you stand compared to others? Download AntiSocial to find out.
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