Simple Fixes
If AntiSocial is not reporting properly most likely the culprit will be the optimisation engine in your phone. Please go to the page below that will assist with your device.
What goes wrong?
Phone Provider
Each phone manufactuer has it's own interface, or customised version of Android
Battery Managers
With Android 6.0 and above battery management is built in, and most phone interfaces will kill AntiSocial in the background, stopping the app from working
Easy to correct
You simply have to exclude AntiSocial from the battery management list in the settings menu, above we have provided screenshots for different manufactuers.

If you are having trouble we are always here to help, just email We are here to assist!
Some facts about us

We are a small group trying to create a valuable tool for phone users. We have not put ads in the app, nor do we charge for you to see your history.
So please, when thinking about our app bare this in mind.