AntiSocial is a clever monitoring app that allows you to take control of another Android device.
When your child gets their first phone how do you ease them into the world of social media and monitor what apps they are using?

Install AntiSocial Parental Control.

This will allow you to see what apps are used, how long they are used for, location of the phone and the ability to block and reduce app time all remotely.

Download AntiSocial now and try it free for 14 days.
AntiSocial provides a simple and complete phone monitoring solution.
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AntiSocial works in the following formats:

Worried about phone use?
Control and monitor another phone remotely with AntiSocial
Monitor Usage
Monitor what apps are being used, when they are used and for how long.
Block Apps
Remotely block access to any app, or set a schedule to 'brick' a phone during times that you decide.
Track Location
Track the location of the phone and track movements over 24 hour periods.
Block Apps
AntiSocial allows you to remotely block access to any app on the controlled device. You simply AntiSocial on your phone, change the blacklist and this is automatically pushed through to the controlled phone.

You can set 3 different automatic blocking modes, daily limit, schedule block times, and a timer to block access for as long as you decide.
Track Location
See the location of the controlled phone. Interactive map of the last 24 hours to show movements. Make sure your kids are at school, track location for the last 24 hours.
Monitor Usage
See the most used apps, the most opened apps, when they are used and how long they are used for. Chart hourly and daily activities.

Track phone unlock counts and what time of the day unlocks occur.
Compare to Others
The statstics we collect do not mean much in isolation. So AntiSocial will automatically compare the usage statistics with other users to see whether someone is addicted to their phone or not.
14 Day Free Trial
Then a flat USD $3.50 per month for all features and tracking of unlimited devices.
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